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Sonoma County median home prices hit $600,000

Real Estate and news – Pressdemocrat Jul 13: Diana Blakeley, owner/broker at Wine Country Actual Estate in Cloverdale, stated she’s already seeing fewer multiple offers in some areas, nontheless, despite a lack of available properties on the market. (more…)

Cloverdale seeks to join growing number of California cities taxing marijuana

Politics and finance – Pressdemocrat Jul 13: Mayor Mary Ann Brigham commented there is no shortage of people wanting to set up dispensaries or other cannabis businesses in Cloverdale and it makes sense for the city to tax them. (more…)

Cal Fire agrees to logging of redwoods on Lower Gualala River

Pressdemocrat Jul 4: The Burches also own the Redwood Empire sawmills in Cloverdale and Philo — and their parent company, San Jose-based Pacific State Industries — and have used logs from the house for more than thirty years to keep their mills and a nearby… (more…)

Two drivers arrested Friday at holiday DUI checkpoints

Crime – Pressdemocrat Jul 2: 2 people were apprehended Fri night at sobriety checkpoints in Cloverdale and Healdsburg — the opening salvo of an aggressive, weekend-long campaign against drunk or impaired drivers. (more…)

Sonoma County police seek to curb drunken driving over Fourth of July holiday

Crime and traffic – Pressdemocrat Jul 1: Santa Rosa police are planning 5 DUI saturation patrols throughout the weekend, plus 2 DUI checkpoints — one in Cloverdale and one in Healdsburg. (more…)

Don’t Become a Statistic this Holiday Weekend

KSRO Jul 1: Checkpoints will also be manned in Cloverdale and Healdsburg between 7 at night and 2 in the morning. (more…)

Sales of single family homes in Sonoma County for the week of Feb. 28

News – Pressdemocrat Mar 25 : The most expensive house was 1121 Highland Ranch Road in Cloverdale, selling for $2.3 million. (more…)






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Buzz Driving is Drunk Driving; Don’t Become a Statistic

KSRO Jul 1: Checkpoints will also be manned in Cloverdale and Healdsburg between 7 at night and 2 in the morning. (more…)

July 4th weekend DUI crackdown planned for Sonoma County

Traffic – Pressdemocrat Jun 30: In Santa Rosa, 5 DUI checkpoints will be deployed between Jul 1 and Jul 3. Checkpoints will also be held in Cloverdale and Healdsburg between seven in the afternoon and two in the afternoon (more…)

A la carte: Food and wine events this week on the North Coast

Dining – Pressdemocrat Jun 28: Jul nine and Aug. six at the Seghesio Home Ranch vineyard in Cloverdale. (more…)

Kristina L. Derkos, SPHR, senior vice president of administrative services, Redwood Credit Union

Finance, dining and eductaion – Long article from Northbaybusinessjournal Jun 7: The company has offices in Cloverdale, Santa Rosa, Napa, Petaluma, and Fairfield. (more…)


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A new San Francisco beer shuttle; plus Russian River Brewing and Bear Republic to expand

Contracostatimes Mar 8: And more recently, Healdsburg’s Bear Republic Brewing, which has a production brewery in Cloverdale, announced that the brewery had taken over the Rohnert Park space previously occupied by the Latitude… (more…)

Storms trigger traffic hazards in Bay Area

Traffic – Abc7news Mar 7: They do not slow down, so that’s why I got the large truck out and not the little car or the little truck, stated Maureen O’Neill, who lives in Cloverdale. (more…)

Family of Cloverdale teen files claim over response to fatal street-racing accident

Traffic, crime and news – Pressdemocrat Jan 19 : Federico and Silvia Contreras mourn the loss of their 16-year-old daughter Angelica at their home in Cloverdale, on Sun Sun Jun 7 2015 (BETH SCHLANKER/ The Press Democrat)… (more…)

‘Big Jon’ Snyder, Sonoma County radio host, newsman, promoter, dies at 48

Pressdemocrat Jan 19 : He had been a prized presence in the county’s broadcasting scene for more than twenty years when he died Dec. 28 in Cloverdale. (more…)



Another Property by Ernest Berghof, Real Estate Done Right

Youtube: Extraordinary 65 acre wine country retreat in Cloverdale CA.


Rancho Cotate wood shop garners Redwood windfall

Thecommunityvoice Mar 31 : Some of the other trees were purchased by a group in Cloverdale. … Some prized Redwood trees on Snyder Ln. in Rohnert Park (archive) had to be sacrificed in order for the road to be widened.



3.8 magnitude earthquake reported near Cloverdale, Healdsburg

Crime – KTVU Jul 9 : The same was proper with a police dispatcher in Cloverdale and a dispatcher with the Sonoma County Fire and Emergency Services Department.


$638,000 lottery ticket sold at Santa Cruz Chevron

Health – Santacruzsentinel Jan 16 : The et were sold in Cloverdale, Santa Rosa and Vacaville. (more…)


4 Powerball tickets sold in Bay Area match 5 of 6 numbers

Abc7news Jan 14 : They were sold in Cloverdale, Santa Rosa, Vacaville and Santa Cruz and are worth $638,000. (more…)


Vineyard Frost Protection Rules to Kick in

Radio.Krcb Nov 24 2014 : The issue was the subject of an Agricultural Water Use Workshop in Cloverdale yesterday.


Powerball: $638,000 ticket sold at Santa Cruz Chevron

Health – Mercurynews Jan 15 : The and were sold in Cloverdale, Santa Rosa and Vacaville. (more…)


Sunday’s PM storms cause traffic hazards around Bay Area

Traffic – Abc7news Mar 7: They do not slow down, so that’s why I got the large truck out and not the little car or the little truck, commented Maureen O’Neill, who lives in Cloverdale. (more…)


Israel’s drought relief comes at a (Palestinian) cost

Jweekly Jul 16 : She lives in Cloverdale.